Dresden elementary, middle school hold drive-thru Veterans Day celebration

DRESDEN, Tenn. — Students from Dresden Middle and Elementary School lined the school’s driveway Wednesday morning, thanking veterans in the community for their service.

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“I mean, they’re kids, but at the same time they know this is a serious matter. They know the respect. That’s through the family values in our community,” Dresden Middle School principal David Lewellen said.

Usually, parades involve floats and people tossing candy out to attendees, but with COVID-19 in mind, the schools did a reverse parade. Veterans drove by, and they received goodie bags from students.

“It’s a crazy year. We have to think outside the box sometimes,” Lewellen said. “[I’m] glad we’re able to do something, and we’re not going to miss the opportunity to recognize and celebrate our veterans.”

It was a fun day for student Bella Turnbow, who has four family members in the military, one of whom is currently stationed overseas.

“It means a lot that they actually know what they did for our country, and how they gave us freedom, and how freedom is not free, like what they all had to do just for us to be free,” she said.

Items were donated by local businesses who wanted to help the event.

As the veterans drove by with students on their side, they were reminded of what they mean to the community.

“Of course, a lot of them either have ties to our school, or have grandchildren or even children, and some great-grandchildren are in our building,” Lewellen said.

The parade was open to all veterans in the community.

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