Local church collects funds after $5,000 investment

THREE WAY, Tenn. — You may remember when Journey Church did a reverse offering, giving thousands of dollars to its church members.

The church collected all of its members’ funds after giving them a total of $5,000 in early October.

Sunday, members shared where that money went and what was made from it.

Journey Church1

“We started with $80 as a family from the church, and we decided that we will just send out donation letters to friends and family, but with a twist,” said church member Joel England. “We said if you donate more than $20, that we will donate our time at RIFA.”

England and his family ended up raising $700 from that $80, so he and his family will volunteer for Regional Inter-Faith Association for 300 hours.

Seven-year-old Caroline Bridger turned her $15 into $40.

“How I did it is I made little rings out of rubber bands to help other churches for kids that really needed some stuff,” Bridger said.

Journey 3

All church members agreed, doubling or even tripling their money was not difficult at all.

They say it was a fun exercise, and they are grateful they got the chance to do it and impact the community.

“To know that we will be able to put a part of this to help other churches get started, especially since Journey got to celebrate its 10th birthday, and also being able to go back into our community, so I’m excited to see what will come from all of this,” said church member Sheila Brown.

The total amount received back from church members will be announced at next Sunday’s church service.

Organizers say the money received will go towards building churches in the community, as well as around the world.

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