Jackson City Council meets to review agenda

JACKSON, Tenn. — The Jackson City Council met Tuesday evening for an agenda review.


The council received more than $150,000 from Amerigroup to replace playground equipment at 3 different parks.

Those parks include Stella Duncan Park, Muse Park, and Conger Park.

Back in October, the council voted for a lease purchase agreement for seven fire trucks.

Tuesday evening, they submitted the report to approve the lease agreement, contract, and what their payment will be for the next 10 years.

District 3 representative Ernest Brooks suggested a request that the Governor of Tennessee issue a statewide mask mandate.

“It does no good for us to have a mask mandate, which we presently have, if the counties surrounding us do not have one. We know this virus does not see county boundaries. It’s surely a pure response from our federal government, but here in Tennessee I’m calling on the leadership of our governor to do more,” Brooks says.

The council also approved the last installment of the $100,000 grant for the Boyd Foundation Dog Park they opened a few months ago.

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