Grace Baptist Church mourns beloved pastor

PINSON, Tenn. — Grace Baptist Church members are still mourning the loss of their beloved pastor. WBBJ-7 was there for the service on Sunday.


The service was different, it was one to grieve the beloved pastor that impacted so many.

Pastor of Grace Baptist Church, Marcus Kelley, died at 48-years-old last week after suffering complications from Covid-19.

Today was the first church service since his death.


“Our pastor was a gift from God. We were not expecting for God to take him from us but our hope, faith, and trust is still in the lord. And he still has better things planned for us,

as long as, we turn to him and rely on him. And even though we are sad right now, he will turn that sadness into joy,” said worship leader, Hunter Callis.

Pastor Kelley served at the church for a total of four years.

Worship leader, Scott Diffe says he lived for his church.

“His church meant everything to him. It was God, family and church. Church meant everything to him,” Diffe said.

Diffe also says, since the death of Pastor Kelley, church feels different.

“There’s a void. There’s a void in our hearts, our hearts as friends, as a church, and there’s a void in the church. But God is bigger than that void. God feels that void in our hearts and in our church. He will fill that void,” Diffe said.

Church Members Prayer

Callis says, since word got out about Pastor Kelley contracting the virus, church attendance has declined. He says he hopes COVID-19 will not stop those from following Christ.

“Obviously we’ve had people throughout the country that have died from it, many people have gotten gravely ill from it but at the same time, we can’t live our lives in fear. God doesn’t call us to. He still expects us to be living examples for him in the community, but at the same time we know to take precautions as well, to be safe,” Callis said.

Callis says he will miss the enthusiasm and energy that Kelley brought to the pulpit.

“God was working through him. He wanted to exemplify to the nation, to our community, that not only did he love God, but God loved him. And he wanted to show his love to the congregation that God had blessed him with,” Callis said.

“He was a good friend, a Godly man, a family man. His family was very important to him. He leaves an awesome legacy,” Diffe said.

WBBJ-7 spoke with Pastor Kelley just two months ago. And in that one moment of being in his presence, one could tell he was such a fun personality who truly loved god, and was so excited for the future of his church.

Pastor Kelley will be truly missed.

If you’d like to contribute to the Kelley family. Grace Baptist Church is holding a special offering at next Sunday’s service.

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