FHU holds 56th annual benefit dinner for student scholarships

HENDERSON, Tenn. — It’s that time of year when everyone is in the holiday spirit, and so is one local university.

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It’s one of the university’s largest fundraisers. Freed-Hardeman University hosted its 56th annual benefit dinner Friday, raising money for student scholarships.

“Generous donors buy tickets and they come and and they help us support our Freed-Hardeman students by helping us raise a lot of money for scholarships,” said Debbie McLaughlin, the Executive Coordinator for FHU Associates Group.

But the fun didn’t start there. The event started off with Christmas in the Commons inside a heated tent.

It featured a Merry Market with local vendors helping guests get a head start on their Christmas shopping, as well as a free horse-drawn carriage ride around Bader Green.

“Just to show our support for Freed-Hardeman. Like we said, this is our first time out here. We are very thankful to be here,” said General Manager Hope Carlson.

“We wanted to come out here and show our support for Freed-Hardeman and just to show people what we have and what kind of store we have, so we brought out a little bit of our best selling products to show people what we are and what we have,” said Branna Wanner, the deli manager at Ada’s Country Store.

It was followed by a special dinner, then everyone went inside the Loyd Auditorium. Those in attendance enjoyed a musical performance by the Token Show.

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“We are so excited about the opportunity to serve guests on our campus and to support our Freed-Hardmen students,” McLaughlin said.

The benefit dinner also featured guest speaker activist and actor Gary Sinise.

The university raised over $1 million during the benefit dinner.

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