Jackson mayor announces 2020 parade grand marshals

JACKSON, Tenn. — The City of Jackson is transforming its annual Christmas parade into a concert because of COVID-19.

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The Christmas concert is virtual, and it will recognize and honor frontline and essential workers.

“This year has been hard on all of us. There’s no one that has been immune to having to deal with something related to COVID-19,” said Jackson Mayor Scott Conger.

Because of the pandemic, city officials cancelled the annual Christmas parade. Instead, the city will host the Virtual Hub City Concert to not only celebrate the start of the Christmas season, but to honor frontline and essential workers.

“Events have been cancelled, events have been postponed. We have had to adjust, and I think for us, it was making sure we still have a way to celebrate the best time of year, whether it be a parade or whether it be a virtual concert. We want to make sure we gave the city and the community something that we can celebrate,” the mayor said.

The concert is scheduled for Monday, December 7 and will include local artists and the Christmas tree lighting.

Although there won’t be a parade, Mayor Conger says the city will still recognize the parade grand marshals for 2020: Kim Tedford, James Ross, and Dr. Marlon King.

“Their leadership has been something that has been unmatched,” Mayor Conger said. “Kim Tedford is representing those health department workers who are contact tracing and helping with testing.”

“James Ross is CEO of the hospital, and so those folks are putting in hours on hours, day after day and they are the most overworked folks right now in this pandemic,” he said. “You look at Dr. King who came in July and who came into a school system in the middle of a pandemic with no plans on how school is going to start.”

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All three honorees will be recognized during the concert.

“None of us ever dealt with a pandemic and so stepping into that leadership role, they have really helped us, and us as far as in Mayor [Jimmy] Harris and myself, I think our community as a whole to persevere through this pandemic,” Mayor Conger said.

For more information on the Hub City Christmas concert, visit jacksontn.com.

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