Challenging semester for students wraps up

JACKSON, Tenn. — Balancing school in-person and online is a new challenge for students across the country, and here in Jackson.

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“It’s been one of those things that’s made teachers and districts think out of the box to make sure students are still learning,” said Northeast Middle School Principal Michael Morris.

The Jackson-Madison County School System says they are working on providing us with the projected grades for this year, but Principal Morris did give some insight.

“Of course it’s different, because you’re doing a different platform,” Morris said. “Would that be down some? Yes. Are we consistent with that downward trend? It’s not falling any more as far as downward is concerned.”

Morris says they’re using the grades as a measuring tool to help the students and find what they need.

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“There is that percentage that you find that have that struggle. You have to find that struggle and take care of it for them,” Morris said. “It may be that they don’t have access to mobile hotspots. They may not have transportation. There are things that are out there.”

The school system is also seeing some other changes. Morris says they’re seeing parents getting more involved in their students’ work. He and his teachers are trying to keep them there.

“We’re emailing parents. We’re using our Weebly platform. We’re utilizing the social media platform. We are wanting to make sure we’re making contact in some sort of way with those students,” Morris said.

The semester for Jackson-Madison County Schools ends December 18.

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