Recovery center seeks clothing donations this holiday season

JACKSON, Tenn. — How can a set of clothes impact someone’s recovery?

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“They haven’t had a lot. They haven’t been given a lot,” said JACOA Executive Director Barry Cooper.

JACOA is the Jackson Area Council on Alcoholism and Drug Dependency. In the last year, they served over 375 people in their 28 day program.

“Many of our clients who come in are homeless, or they’re coming from jail,” Cooper said. “They don’t have a lot of personal belongings.”

Right now, giving them a warm jacket or a new shirt might not be possible.

“The clothes closet is looking pretty bare right now,” Cooper said.

That’s why they need your clothing donations this holiday season. Things like shoes, long sleeved shirts, pants, and anything else you aren’t wearing anymore.

“We need people to go through and thin out their closest, donate anything that is gently worn,” Cooper said.

Because you never know who you will impact, and how it will help them heal.

“So for somebody to reach out and make that donation, and for them to go back there and pick out things that they like, it makes a huge difference to them, that someone cares enough to make that donation,” Cooper said.

To donate, all you have to do is bring the clothes over to JACOA, located at 900 East Chester Street in Jackson. They even have a bin for you to leave clothes in.

JACOA also has a blessing box outside their center, and they are always in need of donations for that.

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