Church gives back during online giveaway

JACKSON, Tenn. — A local church is giving back for the holiday season.

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Friday, Empowerment Community Church hosted a giveaway on Facebook Live.

The church donated over $5,000 worth of prizes to people who participate in the community.

Pastor Ken Daniels says they wanted to give back instead of asking for things this Christmas season, especially because of the hard times many people are going through.

This year, the church hopes to provide a Christmas for those who can’t provide for themselves.

“An opportunity to show the giftedness of God and how many people we impact and the lives of those that we have impacted over the years. It’s just a way of us showing our love and support,” Ken Daniels said.

“We want to give children things they may not open on Christmas, unfortunately,” said church member Stephanie Daniels. “But with us, we can’t save the world, but if we can be the spark to ignite the flame to save the world, then I feel like we will be moving in a progressive area.”

Empowerment Community Church hosts services every Sunday at noon.

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