Gibson County first responders share vaccination experiences

GIBSON COUNTY, Tenn. — A few first responders from Gibson County got their vaccinations, and they opened up about their experiences.

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“Dealing with patients everyday, and seeing patients of all ages affected differently, I thought it would be best to do my part, and hopefully we can get back to some kind of normalcy in 2021,” said Zach Marbrey, an advanced EMT with Gibson County EMS.

Marbrey is one of several first responders in the county who got the Moderna COVID-19 vaccine.

On Tuesday, he and a few of his coworkers at Gibson County EMS got vaccinated by the Gibson County Health Department.

“Everybody uses the term heroes, but I don’t really see it like that. They’re just trying to protect the ones who are out here trying to provide care for those who can’t care for themselves right now,” Marbrey said.

A few officers from the Milan Police Department also got vaccinated, not only for themselves, but for those around them.

Milan Police Department

“Some of the things that we have to deal with, we still have to go in people’s homes. We don’t always have the time to check and see if it’s a COVID-free home,” said Capt. Chris Vandiver, with the Milan Police Department.

“Number one, I’m protected. Number two, just to be able to speak to the greater African American community to say that, ‘Hey, I know and understand that there is some hesitation and reservation to a vaccine, but let’s all do our part,'” said Lt. Nick Glenn, with the Milan Police Department.

All three agree that it’s time to get back to normal, and they all recommend getting vaccinated if possible.

“Really, on a daily basis, whether it’s out of a car, we’re dealing with people on a close basis so we need to be prepared as much as we can,” Vandiver said.

“Let’s do our part, let’s wear our mask, let’s physically distance, and get the vaccine so we can put this pandemic to bed and get back to normal,” Glenn said.

“One big statement that helped me make up my mind to get it was, ‘Are you more scared of a ventilator or a needle?'” Marbrey said.

Marbrey advises you to check with your healthcare provider first before getting vaccinated.

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