Wet Week Ahead

Weather Update – 5:00 p.m. – Sunday, December 27

Sunshine was rampant in West Tennessee today, as many around the region reached into the 60s for highs today. For the past few days we have been seeing above average temperatures and very dry weather, but that will be coming to an end tonight.

We will see an end to these dry and warmer days as rain makes its way back into our region. It is looking at moving in around 7 tonight and remaining very light and scattered over the night. An accompanied cold front moves passed us tomorrow morning after the rain moves out, bringing slightly lower temperatures. For those heading out to work tomorrow morning, you may see a few sprinkles but we are expected to dry up around 6 am, leaving you with a dry day on Monday.



We will see a dry start to the day tomorrow while clouds continue to move in, really thickening past sunset. You can expect more rain to move in Tuesday evening around midnight. It is expected the be very scattered and light, much like tonight, lasting until Wednesday night. Into Wednesday evening, rainfall with begin to grow stronger, moving to a moderate or heavy rainfall at times. This rain will be lasting into Thursday as a cold front passes us that evening. This dramatic cold front will drop temperatures up to 30 degrees over the region, with rain continuing to fall. There is a chance we could see some winter weather into Thursday evening. Don’t forget to download the new WBBJ Weather app on your Android device or iPhone to stay ahead of the weather where you are! The app travels wherever you do this holiday season!



For the rest of the week, we will continue to see rain in the region up until Friday morning. We can expect it to move out Friday afternoon, leaving us with a dry and cool weekend ahead. Overall, these continuous rain showers will bring us between 2.5″ and 3″ of rain throughout the region, closer to 3″ in the NW part of the region. Stay tuned to WBBJ 7 Eyewitness News for the latest forecast and for more updates keep up with Storm Team Weather online too.


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