TBI director provides update on Nashville bombing investigation

JACKSON, Tenn. — It’s been four days since the Nashville bombing on Christmas morning, and the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation is still putting together pieces in the cause of the explosion.


The Federal Bureau of Investigation has identified the bomber as 63-year-old Anthony Quinn Warner.

On Monday, TBI Director David Rausch gave an update on the process of the investigation. He says with the quick response from the police and the public, it was easy to identify Warner as the suspect.

“When the tip came in with his identification, it lead investigators to dig deep into what we could find,” Rausch said.

Rausch says investigators are making sure to question anyone who may have been connected to Warner.

“We are questioning neighbors and family members, trying to get some history,” Rausch said.

Although the investigation is still ongoing, they have not yet determined Warner’s motive or even the type of device the bomb was.

“His evidence has been sent to Quantico [Virginia] and the FBI is analyzing that evidence,” Rausch said.

A neighbor says that just days before the bombing, the suspect mentioned “Nashville and the world is never going to forget me.”

Investigators say they will continue to give more details as they become available.

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