Warmer and Sunnier Start to the Week

Weather Update – 4:30 p.m. – Sunday, January 3

We had a wet start to our new year, gathering over 3.5″ of rain just last week. Thankfully, we are getting a break from that and seeing some more sunnier skies. We currently have a high pressure to both our north and south, which is continuing to feed sunshine our way. Temperatures that are shooting up to the 50s for many across West Tennessee. We may see a cloud or two pass us by, but for now, take advantage of the sunny skies and warmer temperatures.


Tonight the high pressures will remain to our north and south, continuing to feed in some clear skies. When you have clear skies, you have a wider range in temperatures because there is nothing in the atmosphere to trap the heat at our surface. So here shortly, we will start dropping from our high temperature and into the 30s for a low. Overnight we will remain mostly clear, with maybe a cloud passing by here or there. Winds will remain mostly calm throughout the night, which should let you get a peaceful night of sleep with nothing happening. This will bring us into cooler temperatures tomorrow morning as you head out for work.


Tomorrow, the high pressure to our north will move away but the high pressure to our south will remain stationary. We may see some clouds over the day move in from the north but wont last for long. Overall, expect temperatures to reach into the 50s and lows to drop back down into the 30s. Tuesday will be a day just like Monday, but with a little more sunshine. Temperatures may be a few degrees cooler and winds a little stronger but a sunny day nonetheless. Clouds return to our area Tuesday night and really thicken into Wednesday morning.  Don’t forget to download the new WBBJ Weather app on your Android device or iPhone to keep track of these wind speeds and stay aware of any advisories if they appear. Don’t forget, the app travels wherever you do!

TestTemperatures will remain in the 50s but soon drop into the 40s again into Thursday. Winds will increase over the day, with wind speeds in the teens. Rain will return late Wednesday Afternoon and last up until Friday morning. Expect stronger wind speeds soon after midnight both Thursday and Friday morning. Gusts could be seen into the upper 20s. Rain overall will be pretty light, with us not even reaching an inch of rain overall this week. We should clear up Friday afternoon leaving us with a cool, cloudy, but dry weekend ahead. Stay tuned to WBBJ 7 Eyewitness News for the latest forecast and for more updates keep up with Storm Team Weather online too.

Shaley Dawson
Storm Team 7 Meteorologist
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