Multiplying Good: Juanita Jones

It’s time for Multiplying Good, an award given to people making a positive impact in the community.
It’s in partnership with Leaders Credit Union.

Juanita Jones is a woman helping to break generational and poverty cycles in under-served communities.

11 years ago Keep My Hood Good was founded in east Jackson, as a place for children to learn and grow.

“Had no idea what I was going to teach these children, all I knew is that I needed to gather them together and just teach respect… respect of self and respect of others,” Keep My Hood Good founder Juanita Jones said.

With very little resources, Juanita began meeting with the children any place she could.

“I start gathering with them on the buses or in people’s backyards, up under shade trees, in the winter time I would meet with children in the laundromat,” Jones explained.

As time would tell, it wasn’t the locations that mattered most, but the connections made with each child.

“Most of the kids that come here, they have family problems, household problems. So, when they come here it’s like a safe place,” shared KMHG member Kimora Fogle.

“All kids need an advocate. When you have certain situations, you know, growing up everybody has their difficulties, but some kids don’t have a voice,” KMHG board member Jonathan Bell said.

18-year-old Miracle Carter learned first hand that she could always count on having Juanita Jones in her corner. It was the night she was freed from an unsafe environment at home.

“We had come up with a password that no matter what time of the day or night, if they were to call me with this one password I knew what to do, and that was to go help them,” Jones explained.

“For me it’s like a home. A home to come back to when I don’t have no where else to go. I can always come back here,” Miracle Carter shared.

After finding Miracle a safe place to stay, Juanita and the Keep My Hood Good organization went on to help in other ways.

“We have gotten her a driver’s license, we have gotten her into the Army and she’s shining and she’s just thriving,” Juanita proudly shared.

Those closest to Juanita Jones say her character is one of kindness, authenticity and selflessness.

“She does tremendous things. She’s taken kids into her home. She’s given kids close to her last dime, food, transportation all of those things. It’s no limit to what people like Juanita can do for a community,” Jonathan Bell said.

“She is like the greatest person ever. She’s my second mama. It’s like we love Ms. Juanita so much we can’t even express it. We just be here for her as she be here for us,” Kimora Fogly praisingly said.

You can nominate someone for the Multiplying Good Award here.

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