The Jackson-Madison County School Board met for their first monthly Work Session of 2021

JACKSON, Tenn.–The Jackson-Madison County School Board’s Work Session for January was held Monday evening to discuss a number of topics for the upcoming school year.


The school leaders addressed a number of changes and ideas they have, before presenting them to the school board in hopes to lead them in their choice of direction.

During the work session, there was an update on the construction projects at Jackson Central-Merry High School and Madison Academic.

In comparison to the board members tour back in November, Greg Hammond, Public Information Officer for the School System says he can see the project coming along.

“Sure the blueprint is still there, but now as far as driving by the campus is you can really see the progress coming along,” Hammond says.

They also addressed options for the 2021-22 and 2022-23 school calendar. Hammond says the president of the Teachers Association mentioned how excited educators are about a specific decision.

“Not only for our employees but also for parents, the exciting item is on these new calendar projections for Thanksgiving break to be an entire week,” Hammond says.

Finally, school leaders looked at adjusting the Jackson Central-Merry zone lines.

“School board members will continue to look at those options and the shape of the demographics and diversity, as you heard tonight they are very important,” Hammond says.

A majority of the school leaders were leaning towards ‘option A’ because it resembled the old JCM zone layout. However, the group decided to look at it for a few more days before coming to an agreement.


Monday evening, Scott Gatlin was sworn in as a board member to replace Shannon Stewart who resigned last month.

“My only goal is to help strengthen our community and serve our families and work with the board members and the administration to do what’s best for our kids,” Gatlin says.

School board approval is needed for all of these topics, and they are expected to address them in the next board meeting this upcoming Thursday.

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