Man accused of shooting STAT president appears in court

JACKSON, Tenn. — A man accused of injuring a local animal rescue president was in court Thursday.

Patrick Merriweather is accused of shooting Saving The Animals Together President Wendy Pickett back in August as she checked on a vacant home.

Merriweather returned to Jackson City Court for a hearing on charges related to the shooting.

Pickett testified, saying she was checking on her mother’s vacant property following a fire earlier in the summer at the same property.

Pickett said when she went into the home, she found a person already inside.

“I had my gun out, and I told him to come on out of the bedroom,” Pickett said.

Pickett said she pulled her gun and the individual, identified as Merriweather, left the house. Pickett called Jackson police, who gave Merriweather a misdemeanor citation.

Pickett said she went back to her car and was getting ready to leave when Merriweather walked up to the car, reached for her gun, and she heard three shots.

“I remember him coming through the window. I leaned to the right, I realized that the gun was still in my lap so he was going to go for it,” Pickett said.

Court documents say Merriweather was arrested shortly afterward at a gas station on Airways Boulevard, with several of Pickett’s personal items.

During the hearing, Merriweather chose to testify in his own defense, saying that he had been staying in the home and that Pickett entering the home woke him up.

“She was fluttering around me while I was sleeping like a princess, she was looking at me,” Merriweather said.

Merriweather says after the police responded to the home and cited him, he says he approached the vehicle and took Pickett’s gun from her, claiming she shot at him first.

However, he added that he did not require medical attention for his injuries. He testified that he shot Pickett multiple times.

“I shot at her several times. All over her body. I was just lighting her up, lighting her up like she was mine,” Merriweather said.

Jackson City Court Judge Blake Anderson bound the case over to a Madison County Grand Jury.

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