Educator of the Week: Minnie Reed

HAYWOOD COUNTY, Tenn. — It’s time for this week’s Educator of the Week, brought to you by the Tennessee Education Lottery.

Minnie Reed Eow

Minnie Reed is a librarian at Sunny Hill Intermediate School in Brownsville. She has been teaching in the area for quite some time: 30 years at East Side High School and one year at Sunny Hill.

Reed is a native to the area where she graduated from Haywood County High School before obtaining her undergraduate degree from LeMoyne-Owen College.

Afterwards, she obtained two Masters Degrees from both Tennessee State University and Union University. When she isn’t helping students find their love of reading, she helps teachers in the classroom.

“I go into classrooms and I support the teachers by doing whatever they need me to do at the time that I am in there. I mostly work with students with hands-on activities,” Reed said.

The school runs on a hybrid schedule with smaller class sizes, allowing other educators around the building to help teach in the classroom.

This allows for more direct attention and student-teacher contact in the classroom. In this aspect, COVID-19 has been both a blessing and a curse.

“It’s good in a way because the teachers can get to know the students better, but at the same time at home, we don’t know how engaged they really are, if they are getting on the computers enough or if they are really picking up the skills,” Reed said.

Reed’s favorite thing about teaching is seeing the sparkle in the student’s eye when they pick up new skills in the classroom.

She always tries to listen and encourage the student’s when she can, and to be of help to any student in any way possible.

“Whatever you want to do in life, just stay at it, stay focused, stay around positive people, and just do the best you can. Just take it one day at a time, especially now,” Reed said.

Reed is now eligible for the Tennessee Education Lottery Educator of the Month award.

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