FBI discusses recent arrest in 30-year-old cold case

JACKSON, Tenn. — There is an update from the FBI on the suspect arrested in Jackson for an almost 30-year-old double homicide.

Indiana Homicide

“In this case we have a very young girl that was affected by this and murdered for no reason. Completely innocent girl, a completely innocent mother who had very little connection to this individual,” said Supervisory Special Agent Mike Peasley.

In 1992, 4-year-old DenNisha Howard and her 21-year-old mother Felicia Howard were found shot to death inside their apartment in Gary, Indiana.

Twenty-nine years later, the FBI’s Gang Response Investigative Team located their suspect, Victor Lofton, in Jackson.

“As soon as we found out he was down there in Tennessee we contacted my counterpart at the FBI Jackson office in the resident agency there, and he helped us with connections there,” Peasley said.

The GRIT task force began investigating the case once again in February of 2019.

Victor Lofton

Investigators partnered with the Jackson and Humboldt Police Departments to help locate Lofton and interview him multiple times.

Interviews and DNA testing led investigators to arrest Lofton Friday afternoon on Skyline Drive.

Peasley says advances in DNA technology is a tremendous help for investigators in cold cases like this.

“It’s an opportunity for us to look back at a crime that somebody believes they got away with, and then bring it back to them and show that they’re the ones exactly who did it,” Peasley said.

Peasley says this is a rare case solved after a long period of time. He adds that the task force’s mission is to prevent crime in their community and help out those across state lines as well.

“Our investigators started looking at old cold cases, assuming that if we were able to solve those cold cases then we may stop those other violent crimes,” Peasley said.

Lofton is currently awaiting extradition back to Lake County, Indiana.

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