Finding COVID-19 vaccines in West Tennessee

JACKSON, Tenn. — You might be able to get the vaccine in your town.

The past two weeks have been some of the biggest in the push for a vaccinated Tennessee.

Covid 19 Vaccine

Previously, vaccine distribution was handled mainly by health departments and hospitals.

Now, we are seeing local pharmacies all throughout West Tennessee bring the vaccine to the public.

“We are all booked up for today. We are also giving shots for Tuesday, and we are all booked up. I am taking appointments for next Friday,” said Deanne Pace, the pharmacist and owner of Lexington Discount Drugs.

That story isn’t uncommon for pharmacies right now, as local locations like Lexington Discount Drugs, enter the fray.

So far they’ve received over 400 doses, and Pace says she is encouraged by the turnout so far.

“We’re very capable of getting people in and out very quickly,” Pace said.

The other big breakthrough has been with Walmarts across the region.

Friday, the Walmart website showed stores in Jackson, Humboldt and Milan offering COVID vaccine appointments. Last week, only those in Brownsville, Bolivar and Dyersburg showed on the map.

So if you meet the eligibility requirements for a vaccine right now, check or call your local pharmacy. You might be able to book an appointment.

The sooner you do so, the sooner the state can open the next phase and continue the progress.

Pace says local pharmacies have been told to not hold back for second doses, and will vaccinate as many people as they can with their doses available.

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