Freezing temps prompt experts to promote safety during winter fun

JACKSON, Tenn. — Many people are out enjoying the winter weather and playing in the snow.

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With many schools closed, it’s more than likely many adults and kids are looking to enjoy this winter weather by tearing up the slopes with some sleds.

However, experts are advising those who do to take safety precautions while still having some fun.

“Before we even get to the sled we want to make sure all of our children and adults as well are properly covered,” said Jackson Fire Department’s Public Education Officer Latrell Billingsley.

Billingsley says to double up on those shirts and pants, and don’t forget your gloves and hat too.

He says it is better to bundle up before, that way you are able to peel off layers to your comfort.

“It’s easy to lose track of how cold you are, or hot you are for that matter. That’s why we have heat exhaustion and heat strokes and hypothermia, those types of things that set in,” Billingsley said.

When deciding where to sled, do not pick places near busy streets, ditches, and or any body of water.

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“We want to try and save a life and caution you ahead of time our waters, ponds, lakes and our streams,” Billingsley said. “They will not get cold enough for you to play on them, so sledding on them or near them, it is highly cautioned against.”

Billingsley says the temperatures in our region typically do not get this cold, but it is still not cold enough for any body water to freeze over.

An accident involving these cold bodies of water could be life threatening, and he says to avoid going near them at all.

“Curiosity sets in. We even have to save animals sometimes. The best practice is just to stay away from them. Our temperatures will not get cold enough for play on ponds and or streams,” he said. “Have fun and enjoy your day out of school, out of work and in-indoors from the cold temperatures, but get out and sled and have fun in the snow while you can. Please be safe while out this time of year during our winter wonderland.”

Billingsley also wants to remind people that nobody should go out unless it is absolutely necessary, whether that be to go to the store or even just going outside to play.

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