Healthcare officials discuss vaccination events, myths

JACKSON, Tenn. — COVID-19 vaccine progress is moving fast in Tennessee.

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Now teachers, long-term care facility residents and employees, and more are eligible, including Tennesseans ages 65 and older.

In West Tennessee, there will be three community vaccination events on Saturday, Feb. 27 from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m.:

  • Lane College, 545 Lane Ave., Jackson in the J.F. Health, Physical Education and Recreation Building
  • Humboldt Medical Center, 3525 Chere Carol Road, Humboldt in the conference center
  • UT Martin Selmer campus, 1269 Tennessee Ave., Selmer

Healthcare leaders say these type of events will likely be the key to getting the vaccine delivered to vulnerable communities.

“It is concerning because, when you look at state numbers, there’s only been about 30 percent uptake of minorities,” said J.R. Ross, CEO of West Tennessee Healthcare.

“We’re actually trying to target the at-risk communities, so the impoverished areas, rural areas, major inner city areas,” said Dr. Keith Taylor, an oral surgeon.

There will be about 2,000 doses available, but those doses will be distributed through all three locations.

The vaccination events are by appointment only. To sign up for an appointment at any of the three locations this weekend, click here.

“There’s a link that you can click on, fill out the information, you can schedule what time you would like to get your vaccine,” Ross said.

There’s been some misunderstandings about the vaccine and how variants affect the spread and what the effects of the vaccine are.

“Getting vaccinated does not necessarily mean that you will not get the virus, but it does lessen the mortality, the number of deaths that we’re seeing. It does lessen the severity of the illness you might have,” Ross said.

“There are other strands out there, but some immunity is better than none at all. We also need to let you all know: once you’re vaccinated, that doesn’t mean you can stop wearing masks. You have to build up your immunity over time,” Dr. Taylor said.

The science is settled: the vaccine is effective, has minimal side effects and the more people who get it, the quicker we can go back to normal.

“The efficacy, how successful it has been, I really think that is how we are seeing this reduction in numbers,” Ross said.

Again, the vaccination events on Saturday, Feb. 27 in Jackson, Humboldt, and Selmer are by appointment only.

To schedule your appointment, click here.

To learn more about the requirements, click here.

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