Warm and Sunny Start to the Week but Rain Ahead this Weekend

Weather Update- 4:15 pm – Sunday, March 7

TONIGHT: Temperatures were much warmer today compared to yesterday. A high pressure moved over the region, bringing lots of sunshine and some warmer temperatures. We reached into the upper 60’s for many across the region for high temperatures. We should see clear conditions lasting into tonight, which can lead to cooler temperatures for lows. Expect to reach into the lower 30s for lows tonight and calm to light winds. Flood warnings do still remain in effect until tomorrow evening. These warnings cover the Obion River, South Fork of the Forked Deer River, and the Mississippi River.


TOMORROW: The high pressure that has been near our region this weekend will start to move east, bringing more clouds on Monday. Clouds will start to move in after sunrise. Skies should remain mostly sunny to partly cloudy throughout the day. Winds from the south will help to warm the region. Expect temperatures to still reach into the mid to upper 60’s. These conditions will last into Tuesday before skies become mostly cloudy for the remainder of the week. Clouds won’t hinder our warm weather. Don’t forget to download the new WBBJ Weather app on your Android device or IPhone to stay ahead of the weather where you are!


THE REST OF THE WEEK: On Wednesday skies could become mostly cloudy for the remainder of the week. Winds from the south can still help to push high temperatures in the 70’s. Wind speeds should stay around 10 mph lasting through the weekend. Thursday will have similar conditions to Wednesday. Thursday will should see a higher dew point, which could make it feel more humid outside. That evening, there is a low possibility of a few scattered showers appearing that evening. A cold front will approach the region early Friday morning, bringing scattered showers along. These showers will last into the majority of the weekend. Temperatures will fall a few degrees but should still remain in the 60’s.


Overall between 1″ and 1.5″ of rain accumulation expected this week. Stay tuned to WBBJ 7 Eyewitness News for the latest forecast and for more updates keep up with Storm Team Weather online too.

Shaley Dawson


Storm Team 7 Meteorologist
Twitter – @ShaleyWBBJ7
Facebook – @shaleywbbj7
Instagram: @wx.Shaley
Email – @sdawson@wbbjtv.com

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