Chester Co. students take part in Great American Cleanup, clear roadway litter

CHESTER COUNTY, Tenn. — Chester County High School students took a break from class to promote litter awareness on roadways in Chester County.

The students partnered with the Tennessee Department of Transportation, Keep Chester County Beautiful, and Chester County Mayor Barry Hutcherson to clear the county roadways.

“We’re wanting to keep Chester County beautiful, and that’s the goal of having this group come from Chester County High School today,” said Amber Greene, executive director of Keep Chester County Beautiful. “They’re going to help us do the cleanup event and we hope to get a lot of litter picked up.”

The students had fun cleaning their county, and enjoyed a little exercise as well.

“This event is a trashercise event, so it’s a get healthy fit and then go clean up trash,” Greene said. “You can do it by yourself or with a group of people in your community.”

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“I’m able to do something for our county, even if it’s just something so little, and I love helping our county and making it better,” student Hayle Bates said.

Keep Chester County Beautiful has various programs through the schools and are able to educate over 3,000 students a year about recycling and litter prevention.

Greene says she hopes the kids will bring what they learn home to their families to change the environment.

“The youth is our future generation, and one year it’s going to be them picking up the litter and recycling on the roadways, so it’s important to get as many youth involved as we can,” Greene said.

“I’m ready to make Chester County clean, and I love my county, I’m glad I get to do something for it,” said Bates.

Keep Chester County Beautiful will have another tarp giveaway in the next few weeks to help with litter on the roadways.

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