City looks to create ‘Block Chain System Task Force’

JACKSON, Tenn. — Jackson Mayor Scott Conger says the city will look into a block chain system as a potential addition for the future.

He tweeted the announcement Thursday morning, saying he would create a Block Chain Task Force to look into the idea.

Block chains are a way to digitally record transactions, in what proponents say is a more secure and efficient manner.

Theoretically, it could be used to do things like pay employees, taxes and more. They gained popularity thanks to the digital currency Bitcoin.

The mayor says that he wants to explore the idea, in part because it could bring tech jobs to Jackson.

“I think when we talk about 21st century jobs, we talk about 21st century businesses. The city itself, we have to show we are ready to welcome those businesses to Jackson,” Mayor Conger said.

The block chain idea recently gained attention, thanks to Mayor of Miami, Florida Francis Suarez.

Mayor Conger says he has texted with Suarez in recent days.

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