Freed Hardeman intramural field dedicated to Lucas Russo

HENDERSON, Tenn. — Following a surgery back in November, former Freed Hardeman student Lucas Russo passed away suddenly and unexpectedly.

A 2019 graduate, Russo was beloved by his peers on campus and was particularly fond of intramural athletics. Thursday evening in Henderson, Freed Hardeman held a public ceremony, as the school dedicated the intramural field in Russo’s honor.

Before the event, members of the Freed Hardeman community reflected on Russo’s influence.

“Everyone loved him, he was just one of those guys that no matter who he came in contact with they were better for knowing Lucas Russo and being a part of his life,” said Freed Hardeman Regional Development Director, Adam Cross.

“Lucas had a big heart, he had a big smile, he had a hearty laugh, but his network of friends was just tremendous,” said Freed Hardeman President, Dr. David Shannon.

“Freed Hardeman loved Lucas, and Lucas loved Freed Hardeman,” said Russo’s brother, Richard Russo II. “This field is going to service kids for decades to come, and that’s kind of Lucas. His footprint is eternal.”

“He just had a way, an ability with people to love them and to have more than a surface relationship,” said Russo’s friend, Joshua Waffird. “He just was great at getting at who you were, and just relating with you and making you feel like you were enough and you were loved.”

Along with the new title of the field, Russo’s family was presented with a bronze plaque, which was later followed by the ceremonial first hit by Russo’s father.

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