Bobo family releases statement upon 10 yr anniversary of her abduction

DARDEN,Tenn. — The family of Holly Bobo released a statement reflecting on her life, and remembering all the good things she brought to the world.

The statement was released for the 10 year anniversary of her abduction next week on April 13.

The family not only remembered their beautiful family member and kind heart, but also expressed thanks to all those who tirelessly helped in her search ten years ago.

The family’s full statement can be read below.

Holly Bobo Family Statement

Ten years ago today, our lives became one comparable to what every families worst nightmare consists of. Ten years ago today, our life as we knew it would be no more. Ten years ago today, we became household names in the worst of ways. Ten years ago today, above all else, our daughter and sister, Holly Lynn Bobo, became the face on a missing persons flyer, a statistic, a cable news network hot topic, a small town tragedy enveloped in the nation wide arena.

Today, ten years later, we remember our Holly. We remember her charisma and her charm. We remember her love, her heart, her passions. We remember her beautiful voice filling our family church with harmony. We remember the love she instilled into her family and friends and her community. We think of that beautiful warm smile, those captivating eyes that calmed the storms, and the blessed assurance that she brought forth daily. We remember her today and everyday. We hurt for her absence today and everyday, ten years or fifty years.

We would like to send our love, gratitude and continued thanks to the TBI, FBI, US Marshall’s, Decatur County Sheriffs Department, Henderson County Sheriffs Department and all of the agencies and officers who tirelessly worked Holly’s case from beginning to end. We continue to send our thanks to all of the prosecution team that fought vigorously in our Holly’s name, to be her voice. Thank you to all of the media who helped to spread our message and who told Holly’s story, far and wide, coast to coast. We thank the thousands and thousands of people who expressed their love, their support, their prayers to us during the worst time of our life. To all of the volunteers who braved the terrain and weather, spent hours upon hours by our sides, in the woods, searching for our Holly, someone you likely never knew, from the bottom of our hearts we thank you. We will likely spend the rest of our lives trying to extend our gratitude and love to all of the people, right here at home and across the world, who supported our family and our Holly.

Today, we find comfort in the fact that we will see Holly again. One of Holly’s favorite songs to sing was Peace In The Valley. She sang this regularly at our church. We know Holly has been granted that peace and she is at rest. We spent years with the goal to Bring Holly Home, that was the task. Holly had been home, all along.

In closing we leave you with Holly’s favorite verse, one that has certainly helped to get us through the hard days.
Philippians 4:13
I can do all things through Him who strengthens me.

Today and in the coming days, as we come to the ten year anniversary, as a family, we do ask for privacy as we endure these hard days together as a family.

God bless,

The Family of Holly Bobo


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