American Heart Association donates CPR kits to local school

BOLIVAR, Tenn. — The American Heart Association is stepping up to help students get the resources they need to help save lives.

In 2012, the state of Tennessee passed an unfunded mandate requiring all Tennessee students to be certified in hands-only CPR prior to graduating high school.

Now the American Heart Association and some sponsors are teaming together to provide schools with that much needed equipment.

“We are so excited to be at Central High School today in Bolivar, Tennessee, along with Kilgore Chemring Countermeasures out of Toone, and we are gifting the high school with a CPR in School Training Kit,” said Christy Futrell, Regional Director for the American Heart Association.

Futrell has made it her goal to get students the resources they need to be CPR certified. To do so, she works with different sponsors to provide schools with the needed materials.

“We’re providing a whole, entirely new generation of people the resources they need to learn CPR, so one day when I’m old and walking around, there’s more likelihood that people around me will know how to save my life,” Futrell said.

Now students at Bolivar Central High will have the kit to further their training. Futrell hopes the AHA and their sponsors will continue to impact the community.

“You’ve got a large nonprofit with a focus on saving lives, you’ve got a school full of educators that are trying to impact their life everyday, you’ve got a local company here in town or close to town that’s wanting to impact the community, and that’s what it’s about. We can’t do any of this alone, and it takes us all coming together as a village and helping one another,” Futrell said.

To find more information on how you can sponsor a CPR kit for a West Tennessee school, click here.

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