Parks & Recreation prepares for return of summer camp program

BEECH BLUFF, Tenn. — Madison County Parks and Recreation is gearing up for its summer camp program, held at Beech Bluff Elementary this summer.

“We will be having a summer camp for children ages six to 12, which starts June 1 and last until July 23. It’s a eight week program,” said Sharon Cole, Program Coordinator for Madison County Parks and Recreation.

Parks and Recreation hosts this summer camp every year, but this is the first year that all camps will be combined. This is because of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Cole says it feels nice to be back together like before.

“It’s kind of something I’ve wanted to do, and this has given me the perfect opportunity to do it. I am going to still be a little cautious with some of the things that are going on, but I’m kind of excited. I wish I could have two or three hundred kids here, but I know that that’s not possible,” Cole said.

Each room in the building will be transformed into its own theme, offering a variety of activities. One will even be turned into a movie theater.

“Some things that we’ve never done and some things from the past. We will have a STEAM lab, where we will be able to do coating and robotics. We’ll have a MakerSpace where the kids will go in and just be creative. We even built a LEGO room with nothing but LEGOs. We have a LEGO wall, LEGO table and they can just go in there and be creative,” Cole said.

There will also be game rooms, use of the full gym, and cooking classes. Field trips and overnight activities will also take place.

“This gives them a great opportunity for their children to be in a safe environment and still having fun, yet learning a new skill,” Cole said. “Bring their kids out, let them, and let them enjoy their summer because they’ve had a stressful year, just like us adults.”

For parents who aren’t able to drop their kids off at Beech Bluff Elementary, organizers provide to and from transportation at a designated location in Jackson.

For more information and how to register your child, click here.

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