Storm shelters offer families safe space during severe weather

JACKSON, Tenn. — One way you can keep your family safe during a threat for severe weather is with a storm shelter.

As we approach the peak of the severe weather season, it’s smart to establish a plan to keep yourself and your family safe.

“I always tell people to have a plan and a safe place. I would suggest the center most point of any structure. Maybe the bathroom,” said Seirra Penrod, secretary for Fain Storm Shelters.

The best place to go is underground or in a storm shelter. Storm shelters can provide life-saving protection from flying debris outside.

“Our concrete storm shelters are made with 6,000 PSI concrete, and they’re reinforced with rebar,” Penrod said.

You can buy a different variety of shelters at different places throughout West Tennessee.

“We offer above ground, underground, and hillside storm shelters. Anywhere from three to 5,000, but that’s with installation,” Penrod said.

While the cost of a shelter may be high, it’s a small price to pay to keep your family safe.

“All of our units have been impact tested up to 250 mph winds. The tornadoes that hit the Nashville area recently were about 178 mph winds,” Penrod said.

Experts say the best time to make a safety plan is ahead of any severe weather.

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