1 dead, high school damaged in Weakley County storm

WEAKLEY COUNTY, Tenn. — Storms that left damage in Obion County crossed into Weakley County, and left one woman dead Tuesday morning.

The Reddick family on Lower Sharon Road recounted what they experienced.

“It almost sounded like I was outside, it was so loud. I heard a big boom, and I didn’t really know what it was. I didn’t know if lightning had hit something. I found my flashlight, made it to the back glass door and shined it out, and the first thing I seen was a ball of tree roots and it was pretty scary,” said Adam Reddick, a Dresden resident.

Reddick says some of the trees in the yard were probably hundreds of years old, and they were knocked over like twigs.

“I do believe if it had hit our house, we probably would not be here,” Reddick said.

The damage extended down to Highway 54, where emergency management officials confirmed a 49-year-old woman died after a tree fell on her mobile home.

The area was blocked off Tuesday morning due to a gas leak.

As of Tuesday afternoon, it was the only confirmed storm-related death.

Weakley County Schools were closed Tuesday due to power outages across the county, as well as damage in the Dresden area.

“Partial tear off of a roof at Dresden High School, which caused flooding in three or four classrooms. Two light poles that were snapped. One on top of the press box at the football stadium at Dresden High,” Randy Frazier, Director of Schools for Weakley County.

Frazier also said there was extensive damage to the district’s bus and maintenance garage. He says he doesn’t know the cost of the damage just yet, but crews were working to restore electricity and fix up the damage.

“Thankfully nobody in our school system was injured, and hopefully we’ll be back full go in school tomorrow. That’s the plan,” Frazier said.

Storm officials were out surveying the damage, and determining the strength of the storm.

And for residents who experienced it, they won’t soon forget.

“We’ve got a big mess to clean up, but we’re more than happy to do it because we’re still here,” Reddick said.

The storms also crossed into Henry County, causing damage in Puryear and Paris.

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