AAA spokesperson answers questions on potential gas shortage

JACKSON, Tenn. — By now, many have heard that the Colonial Pipeline has been shut down over a cyberattack that occurred last Friday.

That pipeline is one of the biggest in the United States, and especially the southeast.

The Colonial Pipeline, which stretches from Texas to New Jersey, was shut down and remains so as of Tuesday afternoon.

Within days, people in states like North Carolina rushed to the gas pumps, fearing an imminent shortage.

In Tennessee, widespread shortages haven’t materialized yet.

“Taking a look at our average prices across the state, we haven’t seen any huge increases overnight,” said Megan Cooper, an AAA spokesperson.

WBBJ 7 Eyewitness spoke to the Tennessee Fuel and Convenience Store Association. Their statement says:

“Fuel wholesalers and retailers worked through the weekend to adjust their supply chain to bring fuel into Tennessee. While the Colonial Pipeline is the most efficient way to deliver fuel to the Volunteer State, there are alternatives.”

At AAA, they said in the short term, to expect some changes.

“We’re expecting in Tennessee, anywhere from a three to seven cent increase by the end of this week,” Cooper said.

Colonial Pipeline has said they hope to start restoring operations at the end of the week, which could be a huge help.

“If the Colonial Pipeline stays true to its word, and restores a substantial amount of that service by the end of the week, some of those effects could potentially be minimized,” Cooper said.

Cooper says it’s technically not a shortage since the issue isn’t with production.

“We have an ample supply of gasoline in the United States. It’s just an issue of moving that supply and the time it takes to move that supply,” Cooper said.

For now, try to get gas on your regular routine, but don’t feel the need to start hoarding it.

If you do, that might lead to the shortage that you fear.

“Once people start buying more gasoline than they need, that creates a situation that is worse for everyone,” Cooper said.

Cooper also said a potential shortage of truck drivers could be a contributing factor to delays in gas deliveries.

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