Local foster organization to host event for prospective parents

JACKSON, Tenn. — Have you ever thought about fostering a child? A local organization is inviting you to learn more about how it works.

“Our goal as a family is to stand in the gap for a child in need. There is nothing better than having a child look at you and say, ‘I’m safe,’ for the first time ever,” said Renae Adelsberger, president of the Madison County Foster Parents Association.

Renae and Kevin Adelsberger started their foster care journey four years ago, a passion that started while working with children in their church’s youth group.

“We met the kids, and we knew how much we loved them, and we never wanted a child to feel unsafe,” Adelsberger said.

Renae is now the president of the Madison County Foster Parent Association, an organization that supports foster parents whether it’s through emotional support, resources, or clothing for the kids.

Now they’re hosting an event for prospective parents.

“We’re going to have current foster families here, so you can meet with them and ask questions about what it’s really like to be a foster parent,” Adelsberger said.

They’re also inviting the Department of Children’s Services, Mariton, Omnivisions, Tennessee Children Baptist Home, and CASA.

“We really need families who can step up and say, ‘I want to accept sibling groups.’ ‘I want to accept older kids.’ ‘I want to accept teenagers.’ We would love to have anyone who thinks that could be their calling to join us tomorrow and become a foster parent.”

The Madison County Foster Parent Association will be having this meeting Saturday, May 15 from 9 to 11 a.m. at Fellowship Bible Church. It’s on McClellan Road in Jackson.

Adelsberger said if you are not interested in becoming a foster, but want to help, there will be opportunities for that too.

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