Rep. Curtis Halford visits Humboldt Rotary Club

HUMBOLDT, Tenn. — The Humboldt Rotary Club met Friday afternoon to enjoy a good meal and listen to a special guest speaker.

District 79 State Representative Curtis Halford gave the club a legislative update about what has happened in the Capitol this past session.

He discussed the state budget, highlighted recent bills, and even gave members a special video tour of the state capitol.

Halford says it was great being back with the Humboldt Rotary Club.

“You know this is like my 14th or 15th time to come and do this. I’ve been in the legislature seven terms or in the middle of seven terms, so I’ve done this quite often and these are all good friends of mine,” he said.

Halford says he was happy to speak with the club and see good friends.

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