Investigators honored for action taken after during November standoff

JACKSON, Tenn. — During Monday’s county commission meeting, U.S. Marshal Tyreece Miller recognized two Jackson-Madison County Metro Narcotics investigators for their actions during a standoff in November.

Miller says Investigator Mark Taylor and Investigator Robert Pomeroy were with Agent Joe Frye during a standoff with fugitive Bobby Joe Claybrooke in Jackson.

Claybrook allegedly shot from inside the home, hitting Frye three times.

Miller says Taylor was able to move Frye to a corner of the house and out of the line of fire and applied a tourniquet, and Pomeroy went through a wooden fence to reach Frye.

“It’s one of those moments where you remember exactly what you were doing. I remember exactly where I was, and it’s one of those moments I’ll never forget,” Miller said.

The investigators say the real honor is seeing Frye standing at the Monday’s ceremony.

Taylor and Pomeroy received Certificates of Appreciation for their actions.

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