New ‘Give Back Jack Blessing Box’ added in Jackson

JACKSON, Tenn. — The City of Jackson has added another blessing box.

This is the 27th Give Back Jack Blessing Box, and it is located in a high traffic area, right off the Highway 45 Bypass.

The box is designed to help people in a time of need, and it is located outside the World Overcomers Church.

Give Back Jack Box Founder Allison Shipp says people can drop off basic necessities for people in need.

“It will have nonperishable food items. It might have toiletries, feminine products, baby items, anything that won’t go bad sitting out in variable temperatures,” Shipp said.

Shipp partnered with Julanne Stone and the Scarlet Rope Project for this giving box. Shipp says Scarlet Rope has helped several people in this area.

“I know she has done a lot of work in this area for individuals who have been sold into prostitution. There are some homeless encampments near here, so there are a lot of folks that are homeless that travel around this area. There are a lot of people that also live in the hotels,” Shipp said.

Shipp also says the location is a great place for people to find it who want to help fill the box.

“It’s on the main thoroughfare. It’s between two busy intersections, but it is also off the road enough to where it’s not dangerous. There is a parking lot here where people can go and park their cars or walk by where they aren’t running into traffic,” Shipp said.

There are now 22 Give Back Jack Boxes in Madison County and five in Gibson County. Shipp says the organization has a Facebook page with every blessing box location.

“If y’all are interested in working toward this mission, just bring some nonperishable food items, pick from any 27 locations and put some items in,” Shipp said.

The Facebook page also has a list of rules that tell you what items are safe to place in the box and which ones are not good to leave.

To join the group for Madison County, click here.

To join the group for Gibson County, click here.

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