Multiplying Good: Almae Chappell

It’s time for Multiplying Good, an award given to people making a positive impact in the community.
It’s in partnership with Leaders Credit Union.

Almae Chappell is a woman who knows about hard work.
From raising ten children to working multiple jobs, the 89-year-old says family and work go hand in hand.
It’s a lesson she says was taught by her father.

“His name was Ermett Clifford Ray, but everybody called him Cliff Ray or E.C. Ray,” Chappell mentioned.

In 1924, Ermett Ray along with a group of other men, started an insurance called Sand Hill Burial Association to service the African American community.
It was an effort to help bury their loved ones in a cost efficient way.

“Back then you could get buried for 125 dollars. My dad said we have half members and we have whole members. The grown folks were whole members and the young kids were half members. Whole folks paid 50 cents and the kids were 25,” Chappell explained.

Chappell says before her father died, he asked her to continue their mission of helping the community bury their loved ones.
She has kept true to that promise, and even grown it over the years. Now, anyone ranging in age from 6 months to 60 years old can sign up.

“We got it built up now, we got a little over 1400 members in it now. They only have to pay a dollar when somebody die, and the benefit is 1300 dollars now,” Chappell explained.

Prior to the Coronavirus pandemic, Chappell and other members of the Sand Hill Burial Association met at her home for meetings.
She says with lower cases and more vaccinations, they plan to continue in person meetings very soon.

You can nominate someone for the Multiplying Good Award here.

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