Educator of the Week: Susan Menard

It’s time for this week’s Educator of the Week, presented by the Tennessee Education Lottery.

Susan Menard started teaching in Chicago, Illinois, where she worked for more than 30 years. In 2016, she moved to Jackson, where she continued to teach.

“Where I come from is so different from where I landed,” Menard said. She loves her job, but not so much the paperwork.

“The hardest part of my job is the volume of paperwork. I’ve always said you can give me 30 to 40 kids, it’s the paperwork that accompanies them that is cumbersome,” she said.

Menard says she tries her best to make sure all of her students succeed.

“Success is seeing that child do something that nobody thought they could do,” she said.

Menard has been teaching for 40 years now, and says she has grown to love her time at Lincoln Elementary School.

“I’ve probably learned more in the years of Lincoln, under the guidance of my principal and my family of teachers, than I learned in my whole career,” she said.

But she said if she could go back and change one thing, it would be this:

“To have started here. That’s what I would have done.”

Menard is now eligible for the Tennessee Education Lottery Educator of the Month award.

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