Redemption Road Rescue invites public to open house after new additions

JACKSON, Tenn. — A local nonprofit rescue welcomes two new additions.

Redemption Road Rescue welcomed two foals to their stables.

The rescue takes in horses that need a good home, and volunteer Patti Simpson says the horses they recently received had an unexpected surprise.

“We don’t always know when they come to us that they are pregnant,” Simpson said. “We don’t allow breeding. The situation they have been in, in fact both of these mothers were in hoarding situations where they just let the stallions roam with the mares.”

And now the rescue has the two foals: Lucky Buckets and Nugget.

The rescue is hosting an open house on Saturday, June 5 for the public to come see the horses.

However, Simpson and volunteer Herb Williams say the event is a celebration as well.

“This is the only time that the public can come out and take a look at the rescues first hand. We’re going to be serving hot dogs, hamburgers,” Williams said.

“Our volunteers are making cupcakes to sell,” Simpson added. “But it’s going to be a celebration for the birth of our two baby horses.”

The open house is one of Redemption Road’s fundraisers, helping raise money for the 41 horses they are currently caring for.

And because the rescue is nonprofit, Williams says they create these events to make sure the horses stay healthy, and eventually find a forever home.

“Vetting a horse is a lot more expensive than vetting a dog or a cat, and when you have a lot of horses like we have here, it takes a lot of money to take care of them,” Williams said.

Simpson says because the rescue does not typically open to the public for events, this is a great opportunity for Redemption Road to show people what they do.

“We like people to see what we are doing,” Simpson said. “This year, we are really focusing on letting people learn what we do.”

The open house is scheduled for June 5 from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m.

If you would like to adopt, click here for more information.

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