Popular event returns to Shiloh for Memorial Day weekend

SHILOH, Tenn. — With Memorial Day right around the corner, a local park wanted to do something special ahead of the holiday.

This is the first year since 2019 that Shiloh National Military Park is back hosting their cannon firing ceremonies.

Shiloh National Military Park hosted a cannon firing demonstration in honor of Memorial Day.

“It’s about demonstrating what you might have seen during a civil war from an actual cannon firing. It’s not trying to reproduce a cannon, it’s trying to show what you might have seen during the actual civil war,” said Jerry Jett, gunner of cannon, Shiloh National Military Park.

Many people came out to witness the firing, after a year and a half since the park has been able to host the ceremony due to the pandemic.

“This is great. I’ve been doing it myself for about ten years but hey, it’s good to be back. We are happy to be here,” Jett said.

There was also a demonstration made by a park ranger to show people how important everyone’s role in cannon firing is.

“Each position is very important and each member of the crew is trained on every position. Because due to a triton during a battle, one or two may fall aside, so we have to cover that,” Jett said.

Those who fired off the cannon today are all volunteers and they say it’s a privilege to be able to demonstrate what so many long ago had to do to fight for our country.

It’s an honor to do this. I guess for me, I’m giving back. I will admit, I’ll be 81-years-old next week. And I’ve been doing this for awhile and hopefully I will continue to do it,” Jett said.

The park will be hosting a Memorial Day observance ceremony in the Shiloh National Cemetery tomorrow at 11 a.m.

For more information on the events happening at the park, you can head to the ‘Seen on 7′ section of our website.

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