Highway 70 Yard Sale set to return next weekend

JACKSON, Tenn. — An annual yard sale is kicking off next weekend.

The 18th annual Highway 70 Yard Sale is approaching.

It kicks off June 10 and continues through June 12, with plenty of items to buy. Many will be seeking the best deals, from clothes to jewelry, home decorations and more.

“This is actually a community initiative brought on by people in the community,” said Lori Nunnery, executive director of Visit JacksonTN. “There are three ladies that are working very hard for this, and we’re apart of it because we believe in supporting the event.”

Nunnery says having the yard sale between Nashville and Memphis provides multiple locations for those wanting to participate.

“This is focused on Highway 70, so there are different locations throughout the entire route where people can go, if they’re not located close to Highway 70, that they can have a both space to sell their wares,” Nunnery said.

She also says due to COVID-19, organizers are asking people to take precautions.

“Fortunately, this is an outside event, so people will be able to social distance themselves,” Nunnery said. “Just use good sense and understand that there are people from, not only our community, but people coming in from other states,” Nunnery said.

For more information on the Highway 70 Yard Sale, click here.

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