Habitat for Humanity’s fundraiser built for success

JACKSON, Tenn. —┬áHabitat for Humanity in Jackson held their first celebration of the Playhouse Build project.

The organization partnered with several local companies to build playhouses.

The houses were displayed outside of the Blacksmith Restaurant in Downtown Jackson.

The organization held an online auction for each structure.

Andrea Hudgins, CEO of Habitat for Humanity in Jackson, says the auction will help raise money for people in need.

“Really, we just wanted to raise some money for more affordable housing here in Jackson,” Hudgins said.

The celebration was sponsored by the Bank of Jackson.

Hudgins says they had a goal for the fundraiser, but it turned out better than they imagined.

“We raised $34,693, so even more than the initial goal that we started with. We are so excited that everybody came out to support us,” Hudgins said.

And with the money they raised from the project, the organization will start putting that back into their community projects.

“We’re going to be able to make a lot of dents in our construction program here in Jackson, as well as Haywood County. We are able to start on our 105th home, as well as help our Aging In Place clients to get critical repairs,” Hudgins said.

The organization gave out three awards for the playhouse builders, including Best Craftsmanship, Best Design, and People’s Choice Playhouse.

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