A Few More Days of Rain Ahead with Sunshine Not Far Behind

Weather Update – 7:00 AM – Wednesday, June 9


We’re starting off today on the chillier side in West Tennessee. Starting in the 70’s with a few showers and storms along some of those southern counties. Throughout the day, we should reach into the upper 70 to lower 80s for high temperatures. Flow from the southwest could bring some humid conditions. Most showers and storms should remain south of I-40 until the afternoon. The possibility for some flash flooding could be possible throughout the day. Around 3-4 PM, a few pop up showers north of I-40 could appear as well. Dropping into the 70s for a low tonight with showers continuing overnight.



Similar conditions remain in the forecast for tomorrow. A little warmer with a high in the lower 80s. A few scattered showers are possible with a few pop up thunderstorms as well. We should drop into the lower to mid 70s for a low with rain showers continuing into Friday. Showers should remain fairly light on Friday. There is a low chance of thunderstorms but it is possible. Any showers should be fairly light and scattered. We should reach into the mid 80s for a high and drop into the mid 70s for a low.



The first part of the weekend looks a little wet, with the possibility of a few pop up thunderstorms on Saturday afternoon. The main chance of rain should clear by the afternoon. We should reach into the upper 80s for a high both Saturday and Sunday. Dry conditions should remain for the first time in many days on Sunday. Clouds should gradually begin to move out, letting the sunshine in. This will help to guide those temperatures nearly to the 90s.



Next week in West Tennessee is looking dry as well. Monday is looking mostly sunny with a high in the upper 80s to lower 90s. Lows should drop to the upper 60s overnight. Tuesday should see a few more clouds with a high in the mid 80s and a low in the mid 60s. Conditions should still remain dry, giving us a break from last week’s wet weather.


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