Music at the Amp returns after pause during pandemic

JACKSON, Tenn. — There are more signs that things are returning to normal.

What would have been the sixth year of concerts at the Amphitheatre was canceled due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

However, after the city’s exciting announcement on Wednesday, the sixth year of concerts is beginning very soon.

“Music is a big factor of what we’re promoting for the city of Jackson, so naturally we’re excited about having the Music at the Amphitheatre return. I think what people don’t realize is the true history of the music business in Jackson,” said Jimmy Exum, Chairman of the Amphitheatre at the Market.

Music at the Amp is returning with six different concerts, and they all feature different performers.

To celebrate 200 years of Madison County and the City of Jackson, the Amp will also host the bicentennial celebration featuring four different artists in one night.

“It’s a real hallmark for our community, 200 years into existence, so I hope everybody comes out and enjoys,” said Madison County Mayor Jimmy Harris.

All of the entertainment is payed for by sponsors, so the concerts are free for people to come and enjoy in downtown Jackson.

The first concert starts as soon as July 9.

“Downtown needs participation. When people come down, they get a good feeling of downtown, and that’s really important. Not all communities are that way, so we’re very fortunate,” Exum said.

Over the past seven years, the equipment at the Amp has worn out, but anonymous donors gave $15,000 to replace the old equipment.

“That just goes to show you how Jacksonians are willing to step up and help their city, and how proud they are of the city of Jackson,” Exum said.

Not only will the concerts give West Tennesseans more entertainment choices this summer, but it will also benefit the city.

“We’ve always kind of struggled trying to be a destination town, so the combination of maybe the music celebrations and the new lodge, and all of that will go together to really give us a lot of emphasis on what is going on, and help build our city even better than it is today,” Exum said.

Music at the Amp begins in just a month, so get your blankets and lawn chairs ready.

For the line up of the concerts at the Amp this summer, follow their Facebook page.

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