Newest candy shop opens on Main Street in Humboldt

HUMBOLDT, Tenn. — While driving down Main Street in Humboldt you can’t miss the hot pink building with a brand new store inside.

The Keena family from Illinois wanted to bring something different to the Humboldt area and opened their very own candy store called The Kandy Bank.

It’s an old school, retro candy shop, and it is full of things you can’t find at the grocery store.

They sell all kinds of assortments of candy, soda, and ice cream. Owner Scott Keena says the store is a dream come true.

“We decided to give up everything we had in Illinois to come down here and live what is our little dream,” he said.

Keena says it has been a great turnout so far, and people from all over West Tennessee have come to visit.

Wanting some candy? The store can be found at 1317 East Main Street.

You can follow their Facebook page, or check out their website.

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