JMCSS superintendent addresses SRO concerns, school construction

JACKSON, Tenn. — Local school leaders are addressing some concerns while looking into a new school year.

For the past few weeks, Jackson-Madison County School Board members have been discussing the preparation for the upcoming school year.

The most important concern is a decision on whether to keep school resource officers.

JMCSS Superintendent Dr. Marlon King says there has been some miscommunication regarding that issue that he says he wants to clarify.

“I know it’s just one component of safety, but it’s so important and the work that they do is so important,” King said. “So to say schools don’t want SROs, that is just a miscommunication.”

He says they are planning to make a budget for SROs for the upcoming school years.

King also gave an update on the construction of the new Jackson Central-Merry 6-12 campus and Madison Academic.

“For the construction work, we will receive our certificate of occupancy for JCM July 31, and there might be an opportunity to receive a temporary certificate of occupancy in mid-July, so that’s always been the conversation,” King said.

King says he’s also planning to renew his contract as school superintendent, and he says he is excited to continue the work he has done so far.

“The longevity of a superintendent is where you’re going to have true systemic change, and so I am committed, and I believe I have people that are with me who are committed,” King said.

School officials say they are also excited about the Summer Learning Program for students with learning loss due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

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