Fans react to the Ballpark at Jackson’s new baseball team

JACKSON, Tenn. — Fans are heading back to the Ballpark at Jackson, enjoying a day of baseball.


After months of not being able to witness baseball at the Ballpark due to the COVID-19 pandemic and selecting a new team, fans are now coming out to enjoy the Winnipeg Goldeyes playing their 10th home game at the stadium.

While the seats may not have been filled, residents and people from across the state sat with family and friends enjoying food, cool drinks, and of course great pitches from the players. One fan says he traveled all the way from Atlanta to see what the Goldeyes had to offer while enjoying the perfect weather.

“Yeah absolutely, it’s a beautiful Wednesday night,” said Nathan Hufadel.

Jackson resident Darren Byrom says this is his first game since the Goldeyes were selected to play at the Ballpark, and he brought his son to enjoy the game with him.

“It’s our first time seeing them play, just happy to be here. Father and son time,” said Byrom.

Residents say even though they’re used to seeing the Jackson Generals play, they’re excited about the new team and they hope more people will come out to fill the stadium in the future.

The Winnipeg Goldeyes will play again Thursday for “Dollar Night” at the Ballpark .

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