Students volunteer at Pinson Mounds

PINSON, Tenn.– Students across the state participated in the Tennessee Promise Volunteer Day, including at Pinson Mounds State Park.

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They need 8 hours of community service by July 1st of this year to qualify for the Tennessee Promise Scholarship, a last dollar scholarship for community college and technical school.

Pinson Mounds regularly has volunteering opportunities for students.

“We’re really hoping that people are going to want to go outdoors and be a part of their community again, because I think isolation was rough on a lot of people. So I think this is a good way to connect with the community, as well as helping your community,” Kiersten Caudle, Social Media Coordinator for Friends of Pinson Mounds, said.

Friends of Pinson Mounds began in 2019, and they’re looking for people to join the organization.

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