Warm and Windy Starting the Week But Another Cool Down Is In Store

Weather Update – 3:45 PM – Saturday, June 26


Partly cloudy skies didn’t stop sunshine from reaching West Tennessee today. Temperatures still managed to reach into the upper 80’s this afternoon. Heat index values bridged the 90’s. Southerly winds brought a little humidity, helping to increase those values over the day. A few pop up showers may be visible over the next few hours. Any that appear should move on quickly. Clouds should partly clear tonight as we reach into the lower 70’s and upper 60’s for lows.



Conditions should remain similar to today’s. Partly cloudy skies and southerly flow should bring some humidity and heat index values in the 90;’s. A low chance of rain remains for the possibility of a few pop-up showers. Highs should reach upper 80’s to lower 90’s. Winds could pick up, with gusts in the upper teens possible. Clouds move in should bring overcast skies and a low in the lower to mid-70’s Sunday evening.


Into Monday, overcast skies and a high in the upper 80’s can be expected. More pop-up storms are in the forecast, with the chance lasting a majority of the day. Once again, these showers should move on quickly. Conditions will be humid, with heat index values in the lower to mid 90’s. Lows should drop into the lower 70’s  with partly  cloudy skies clearing into Tuesday.


Into Tuesday, highs in the upper 80’s to lower 90’s are expected. A high pressure should approach, bringing more sunshine and calm winds. Lows should drop into the lower 70’s with clear conditions overnight.

Clouds start to make an appearance into Wednesday with partly cloudy skies. Highs in the upper 80’s to lower 90’s are expected. Humid conditions persist with a few pop-up storms possible. Winds pick back up into the evening as the high pressure moves away. Lows should drop into the lower 70’s.

Humid conditions with highs in the upper 80’s return on Thursday. Overcast conditions should last throughout the day with rain chances increased into the evening. Showers and storms overnight could be expected as a cold front passes. Winds could pick up along with storm chances.

Rain chances should last into Friday with highs in the upper 70’s. Showers and clouds should begin to clear after sunset. Winds should calm and shift northerly after the front passes. Lows in the upper 50’s could be expected Friday evening.

A high pressure should follow in behind bringing sunny skies on Saturday. Highs should reach into the upper 70’s once again and pick up over the weekend. Don’t forget to download the new WBBJ Weather app on your Android device or iPhone to stay ahead of the weather where you are!


Shaley Dawson
Storm Team 7 Meteorologist
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