Library fundraiser brings guests on trip around the world

JACKSON, Tenn. — The roof of the world. That is where Elaine Christian found herself in the fall of 2019.

Chair of the Jackson-Madison County Library Board of Trustees, Christian took a spiritual journey after the death of her husband.

During her first solo trip, she visited Bhutan, Nepal, and Tibet.

Christian says she wanted to share her story while also helping raise money for the Jackson-Madison County Library.

“We love our library. We feel our library is so incredibly important, so anything that we can do to help give back is important,” she said.

She says the trip was more than just a travel experience, it was also a healing journey.

“I know I had to do something to get my life back together and start moving forward, and so I booked this trip as a leap of faith for me,” Christian said.

Christian saw several different landmarks on her trip through the Himalayas.

She says while the hike was challenging, the reward waiting at the end kept her going.

“Traveled to Annapurna Base Camp on the trek, as well as Taktsang Monastery in Bhutan, which is the Tiger’s Nest monastery. It is a United Nations UNESCO World Heritage site. That was one of the motivations. I really wanted to see those places,” Christian said.

The money from this fundraiser will go towards buying new technology and facility improvements for the library.

She says the foundation hosts these fundraisers to help support the library in Jackson.

“All the shelves, all the tables, all the computers, everything is funded through the Jackson-Madison County Library Foundation, and our board works really hard to support the efforts of the library,” Christian said.

The board hopes to have more events like this one to keep helping the library.

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