Students get hands on experience at 4-H electric camp

JACKSON, Tenn. — Students from across West Tennessee participated in 4-H Electric Camp Tuesday.

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Students got hands-on experience learning about science, technology, engineering and robotics.

The one-day event included learning stations including drones, electric motors, vehicles, and even learning about Tesla.

For one student, the virtual reality station stood out the most.

“My favorite thing here was the VR headset,” said student Eryn Coure. “It was where you have your team, and they’re asking you different things. So while in there, you’re trying to diffuse a bomb. So they’re telling you your wire, you need to cut this wire or type in this code to diffuse the bomb.”

Leaders and teachers with the camp say they want to prepare students to tackle real-life situations.

“One of the things we hope to accomplish with electric camp is to get them thinking about careers in engineering, technology and computers so that they can use those skills, and get them interested at an early age, in building those skills so they’re prepared down the road to tackle some of the problems that they’ll face,” said Trent Scott, Vice President of Corporate Strategy for TN Electric Co-op Association.

4-H Electric Camp is a partnership between 4-H, the University of Tennessee, and other agencies.

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